What is Tennis Elbow and How Can I Treat it?
Tennis Elbow

Have you experienced pain on the outside of your elbow? This usually occurs after a repetitive activity like a sport. If so, you may be experiencing something called tennis elbow.

What causes tennis elbow?

There is actually a slight tearing of the tendons surrounding the elbow that occurs with tennis elbow. Repetitive wrist extension and supination are the most common causes. Although it is associated with tennis, other sports and occupational activities are possible causes. Meat cutters, plumbers, and construction workers are examples of those who may be affected. In tennis, novice players with poor backhand technique account for most cases.

Tennis Elbow Illustrated Nerves and Tendons

How can I manage tennis elbow if I am experiencing the symptoms?

In the acute phase, ice and rest from the activity are essential. Massage is very effective at targeting the forearm extensor muscles and wrist extensors. Chiropractic adjustments to the elbow and physical therapy mobilization and strengthening are also very beneficial. If needed, a joint anti-inflammatory injection can provide great relief of the pain. As time goes on, the use of a tennis elbow brace may help redistribute forces. It is recommended to use the pneumatic or Velcro type that is 3-3.5 in wide. If tennis is the culprit, it is recommended to use a midsize ceramic or graphite racquet with natural gut strings. The string tension should be 3-5 lbs. below what the athlete is used to.

New approach!

The newest investigative approach is topical nitric oxide application. In recent studies, a follow-up six months after application demonstrated that 81% of the treated patients were asymptomatic during activities of daily living. The official name of nitric oxide is glyceryl trinitrate. See if that works for you!

Here at Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness, let us help you get over the symptoms of tennis elbow and back to your sport or activities of daily living pain free!

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