Adjustment: $40

Physical Therapy

One 60 min Evaluation Session: $100

Full evaluation of impairments and weaknesses.
Manual therapy can include soft tissue mobilization stretching, joint mobilization and dry needling.
A personalized exercise routine with demonstration of how to properly perform at home will also be provided.

PT Package – 4Pack of 60 min: $365

Sessions will build on evaluation in depth to meet patient and PT goals and optimize performance.

PT Package – 4Pack of 30 min: $265

*Must do the 60 min Evaluation session prior
Sessions are for non-complex issues that need less hands-on manual therapy and less corrective exercises to treat impairments. More focus on patient education and at-home exercises. Sessions will be focused on reaching patient and PT goals for maximum recovery.

Dry Needle Session 30 min: $50

Sessions will be provided as a tool for treating muscular pain and tightness, improving blood flow and range of motion.
*please sign-up for a 60 min Evaluation Session if you would like a full assessment of impairments and weaknesses.

Kinesio Therapeutic Tape Session for 15 min: $20

Tape is used to support injured muscles or joints without restricting full range of motion. It helps aid in faster muscle recovery, prevent cramps or spasms and may help with swelling and bruising.

Massage Therapy

Cupping Massage: $80

Half-hour Massage and Adjustment: $60


Acupuncture Treatment: $90

Microneedling level 1: $190

Microneedling level 2: $205

Physical Medicine

Trigger Point Injection: $50

Amnion Injection 1cc$500

Amnion Injection 2cc$850

Stem Cell 1cc$3500

Stem Cell 2cc$5500

“Hangover” Infusion$120


Vitamin IV Infusion$120

Toradol Injection$75

Botox Injection 1-20 units$12/unit

Botox Injection 21-40 units$13/unit

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