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Our massage therapists in Denver provide relaxation and pain relief through the manipulation of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Research suggests that massage therapy can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, depression, and pain. At our clinic in Denver, our massage therapists offer deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and injury massages. Our staff is highly-trained to reduce pain and elevate your overall well-being.

Experts in this Field

Sarah Jones - Massage Therrapist at Elevation Chiropractic

Sarah Jones

Sarah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and  Colorado transplant, originally from a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area. First introduced to the craft by her massage therapist mother at a very young age; the great impact that touch therapy is able to deliver has always left her captivated. She followed this passion, and went on to graduate from the National Holistic Institute’s 900 hour core program in 2014. She studied both eastern and western modalities, kinesiology, soft tissue pathologies, and physiology-achieving a diploma in Massage Therapy and Health Education. 

Her sessions are thoughtfully customized to allow the body ample opportunity to relax overworked muscle groups while working to release areas of tension in tight muscles. Sarah utilizes many different techniques to comprehensively treat her patients, these can include: circulatory massage, myofascial therapy, deep tissue, joint mobilization, rocking and shaking, PNF stretches, active and passive release, CBD application and aromatherapy. 


Dee Bordin - Massage Therapist - Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness

Fernanda Blanco

Fernanda specializes in therapeutic massage with the intention of correcting postural deviations, as well as educating her clients to provide self-care to progressively reach a point of living without pain. This can be accomplished through deep tissue massage, trigger point work, stretching, myofascial work, and joint manipulation. While firm pressure is her strength, relaxation and comfort are still the ideal goal. Fernanda enjoys working with clients to resolve chronic pain, headaches, and posture deviations, among other issues. By adjusting each massage to the individual client, she will provide an extremely specific massage for your needs.

Dee Bordin - Massage Therapist - Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness


So I’m Giselle but I go by G , I graduated back in 2010 from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in Aurora. I have 12 years of experience working in with all types of people, with all types of injuries and disabilities. I’ve worked on kids and young adults ranging from autism , brain injuries , spinal biffada and cerabal palsy . I’m experienced in pre natal massage and oncology massage , I’ve worked on athletes from pro football , basketball , baseball , soccer and wrestlers and an Olympic track runner . From all of that I found my niche in medical massage cause I can see the progress of my patients. So I’m a deep tissue , detailed oriented, injury massage therapist.

Dee Bordin - Massage Therapist - Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness

Dieumeuse Bordin

Hello, I’m Dee and I’m originally from the Caribbean. I love the ocean, but I love the beautiful plains and terrains of Colorado as well. Being originally from one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, I’ve been exposed to holistic practices my whole life. But this didn’t mean I had always pictured myself massaging people to encourage healing. 

 My massage style is a combination of Deep Tissue, Injury massage, Sports massage, myofascial work, and Trigger Point release. I can apply medium to very firm pressure.

Katie Conger Chiropractor Denver

Katie Conger

Katie was born and raised in our neighboring state of Wyoming. There, she gained her Bachelor’s degree of science in Kinesiology. After moving to Fort Collins, she attended their Healing Arts Institute where she gained her license in Massage Therapy. She has extra certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy techniques in whiplash, TMJ, carpal tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, scoliosis, and frozen shoulder. She loves incorporating trigger point therapy and myofascial release into every massage as well as a few eastern medicine core beliefs on pain and pain management to get to the root of problems within the body.

In her spare time, Katie is a writer for a millenial media culture website. She loves live music and meeting new people. She takes advantage of all that Colorado has to offer whenever she can and enjoys traveling.

Rick Bunkofske Chiropractor Denver

Mary Lanners

Graduated from the Denver School of Massage therapy in Dec 2006

Have been practicing injury massage since 2007

Enjoy deep tissue massage

Originally from Los Angeles

Love to garden and crochet

Genese Davenport - Massage Therapist (Denver)

Genese Davenport

My name is Genese, not Colorado born, but a true native.

Raised here since elementary school.

I attended Heritage College for my studies of Massage Therapy, 20 years, and climbing.

The gift of healing has been bestowed upon me and I love to administer my technique of healing through my touch.
Which includes: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Neuromuscular, Sports, Trigger Point, Himalayan and Hot stone, cupping, and CBD massages.

In my off time, I enjoy spending time with my 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. We enjoy water parks, beaches, traveling, amusement parks, hiking, reading, and each other’s company.

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