I Feel Like I’m Hunched Forward Constantly, What Can I Do to Change That?!

Many people experience this feeling of being “hunched forward”, especially if they have a desk job at work and sit for long periods of time. The medical term for this condition is called Postural Syndrome or even occasionally Upper Cross Syndrome. This is characterized by a constant aching pain in the middle and upper thoracic (upper back) regions. The pain usually is relieved by activity and made worse by working at a desk.

What cause this syndrome? 

The natural imbalance between your anterior muscles and posterior muscles is often made worse by various work postures that emphasize a “hunched” forward head-position. The large, tight muscles such as the pectorals become chronically shortened to adapt to that position. The weaker mid scapular muscles or the rhomboids and lower trapezius muscles, are constantly strained and contract causing muscles spasms.

What would I feel if I have this syndrome?

Tightness and pain are the most complained about symptoms. The person may even have a “curve” on the upper part of their back. This medically is called a hyperkyphosis. In addition, there are often trigger points in the upper and middle trapezius, rhomboids, levator scapulae, and pectorals. Trigger points are the “knots” that people complain about.


What can I do to treat and prevent this condition? 

Getting adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis will greatly help with the pain and your posture. A deep tissue massage will assist to work out the tight muscles and trigger points as well. To prevent this from reoccurring, exercises focusing on stretching the pectorals first, followed by strengthening the mid scapular muscles (between the shoulder blades), and lower trapezius.

Postural awareness at work can be increased with kinesiotape and bracing. The person’s work environment can also be evaluated to make sure that it is the most ergonomically beneficial. Frequent breaks to break up a long hour of sitting is also recommended!


Our team here at Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness is here to help this extremely common condition! Whether it’s a massage with an adjustment, physical therapy to help strengthen and stretch, or trigger point injections for the muscle “knots”, we have every avenue here to help you improve your posture and get out of that constant pain and tightness!

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